If only Albuquerque had an ocean, a beach. If Poki Poki Cevicheria was a sand dune fish shack, there would always be a line out the door, bowls would run double the price, and the Land of Manana would totally adopt the greeting Aloha, holmes as their own. I say this for two reasons: I feel that this company truly serves up imaginative, sly renditions of this Hawaiian staple, with a nod to Mexican fare and a constantly evolving approach to healthy food that you cannot find in many places around the country, let alone Albuquerque. And in this venue, in particular, they've built something I'd expect to find in a resort town. The bar, straddling the southwest corner of a very trafficked Wyoming and Comanche, reconnected me with memories of a few Mai Tais I've sipped in the tropics. Come here on your Friday afternoon, leave the office early -- hey, you worked hard this week -- and reward your efforts to make the Duke City embrace the Shaka.