our mission

At Poki Poki Cevicheria, we're more than just co-workers, we're family. When you dine in at this local establishment, you're helping someone pay their tuition, someone beginning a career in the hospitality industry they thought they'd never be in, a family, and a group of people who care, love, and respect one another. 

As Poki Poki has grown since May of 2016, our mission was to create a fun, loving, and awesome work environment for all that come through. We wanted to create great cuisine, using local ingredients that we could be proud of, through local sources. Small businesses helping one another. And while we continue to grow with other businesses, so are we growing the people who work for us, the families we're here to support, and filling our customers with a type of food they've never experienced before. Poki Poki Cevicheria is a platform for both employees and customers alike. 

When you dine in at Poki Poki Cevicheria, feel good about the cuisine you eat! The staff love putting each ingredient together carefully, making sure that your palate matches the quality of food it should be eating. In turn, we thank you for continuing to help the company grow its roots, because it allows us to give back to our staff in full and what they deserve. When you dine here, you've sent another person through college, you've provided for a family that's close by, and you've helped people mold into great human beings. 

We love our customers, and we thank all of you for continuing to support this venture! Poki Poki would not be here without the support of New Mexicans behind its backs, and we're proud to be here!